Masterkinder: Rainbows of my Mind – Meljoann
Artwork: Lisa Crowne
Photography: Liezl Erasmus

Do U Luv Me

Waiting for my ass to come
Flashing tires out in the sun
Elastic broken, won’t be long
U know where U leaking from

In the distance someone sneezed
Clap your hands and slap your knees
Mista take your pants off please
Don’t U want 2 feel my breeze

Do U love me

Spidery joints all in my face
Watch my car we in the race
Take your name all over the place
You’re not ever gonna eat from my plate

Watch my arm and spin with this
Hundred and thirty BPM this
You’re gonna get the end of my fist
Take my notes, here’s what U missed

Do U love me

U know I am good 4 U
Close ya mouth up when U chew
Broke your mic, already said it 4 U
Not much more 4 U left to do

Outside there’s a mongrel dog
Sniffling around me like a hog
Mango fruit, write it in your blog
Suck it up like egg nog

Happy Christmas baby.

I help U
I do what U can’t do
I know all those other fools
Can’t get U there like I do.

I trace it all
Listen to your phone calls
If it’s right I can’t be wrong
Dialling through to notify the guards that U are mine and that is how it’s going to B

Do U love me

Turn it down, your frequency
Radio tendrils in the breeze
Floating to your wet gee
It’s my station, thank me

For the scene I bleed wee
Scouting ’cause U know me
Fella with that beat disease
Hipster to the nth degree

Do U love me
My ass is bleeding


Everyone was asking me
Why’d you do it
Get into another relationship
Right after the other one ended
The answer is I can’t resist it
‘Cause this person is so fucking gifted

Is he pretty?
Is he a good fuck?
Is he a good person
Taking care of me like I take care of him?
Check check.
Does he make me quiver?
Has he got those eyes?
Has he got the same fetishes as me?
Check check check check check.

Got the same fetishes
Wanna do ya
‘Cause I got the same fetishes

You are freaky and I want to nail you

It’s not the same if you have to force it
But the chemistry is so easy
He’s so easy
So easy
So easy
This equation balances.
Check check check check check.

If he’s gonna be teasing ya
You know that’s next to pleasing ya
Because he knows what hits the spot
Whispering that filthy shit
Check to see if you’re dreaming it
Because it feels so good
It’s so good